What is the difference between the Shell and Full Kit? A shell kit is the exterior shell of your home as well as the materials to frame the interior walls as shown on the plan. A full Kit includes all the parts to complete the home to be move in ready. See the What to expect section for specific details


Does this home have any prefabricated parts? No, your WiseSize home comes with all the parts to build a traditional stick built home.


Do fasteners come with the package? Due to the variety of available fasteners and tools to construct a home we are allowing the homeowner or builder to choose their method of fastening.


Can we make changes to the plans? In order to keep costs down and ensure delivery of a complete and quality package we do not allow changes to our plans.


Can we choose options, finishes and colors? Yes we have a total of 4 interior color packages as well as 7 exterior color schemes and 3 different appliance colors available to choose from.


What is included in the Package? What do I need to provide to complete the home

Is the foundation included in your home? The foundation is not included in the product from WiseSize. However if our preferred builder Simplicity Homes builds your home it is included in their construction price.


Who does the construction of my home? If you are ordering a shell kit you have the freedom to choose our preferred builder, Simplicity Homes, do it yourself or choose another local builder.


If you are ordering the Full Kit we have partnered with Simplicity Homes to construct your home. WiseSize works closely with Simplicity to ensure the process is seamless and together we delivered a defect free home.


Do you have other builders to choose from besides Simplicity? Currently our preferred builder is Simplicity Homes. If you are ordering the Shell Kit you have the freedom to choose a builder of your choice.


Do you cover permit costs? We do not include permit costs or water meter fee costs, those are the responsibility of the client.


Can you ship in my area? We can ship to most areas in the Pacific Northwest. Contact one of our home specialists for further information.


Can I do some work myself? If you choose the Shell Kit you can do as much of the construction yourself as you want. If you are choosing the Full Kit Simplicity will be building your home to ensure you are delivered a defect free home.


Is septic and well included? No septic and well are not included, we can either facilitate/manage those installations or provide bids for complete installation.


Is land clearing included? No, clearing of the land to create a suitable pad for constructing the home is not included.


What happens if something is stolen? If the borrower is using a bank for the construction loan, you will be required to get “unattached materials” for the duration of the project. This type of insurance covers theft of any material delivered, not attached to the home. If you are a cash client, it is in your best interest to do the same.


What do I need to complete a:

Shell Kit

  • Building Permits and Fees (Verify with your local jurisdiction and utilities providers)
    • Building Permit
    • Plumbing Permit
    • Electrical Permit
    • Mechanical permit
    • Right of way permit
    • Septic permit
    • Well Permit
    • Water Meter
    • Water Meter installation
    • Sewer connection fees
    • System Development Charges (SDC’s)
  • Prepare site for the kit delivery
    • Have clear and stable access route for a large delivery truck to kit drop location
    • Clear turn-around area for delivery vehicle
  • Prepare the site for construction
    • Temporary Power
    • Temporary Water
    • Portable Toilet
  • Excavation and foundation
    • Dig out building pad and construction of foundation per local codes
    • Prepare site for utilities
    • Backfill
    • Pour any concrete slabs
  • Construction Fasteners (nails, screws, staples)
    • Fasteners and nails are not included, please consult local code for required fastener types  our plans depict a standard nailing chart but this may differ from your local code.
  • Tools required
    • Construction can be completed with simple construction hand tools but we recommend pneumatic nail guns, staplers and circular saws to expedite the construction of your kit.